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Alan B. Bernstein, President , PASE

An internationally recognized  trainer, consultant, and innovator, Alan B. Bernstein has spent over 25 years communicating complex, technical subjects in high risk, high stress situations.

He serves as an emergency planner and crisis consultant to clients in government agencies, health care providers, and telecommunications and transportation industries.

Author of The Emergency Public Relations Manual, he developed the emergency operations center family of products that brought complete and low cost planning, training, and response tools to over 2200 organizations in the US, Canada, Britain, the Cayman Islands, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

As a public information officer / crisis communicator he managed issues ranging from line-of-duty deaths to outbreaks of avian disease and the economic consequences of  its eradication . He served as a spokesperson for law enforcement and written  bio-terrorism grants for state public health departments.

As a lecturer and keynote speaker, he has addressed groups such as the Canadian Public Relations Society, the World Future Society, the American Association of Railroad Superintendents, the Navy Surface Warfare Center and the US Army Training and Doctrine Command.

Formerly the Public Affairs Director for The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, he received his Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Cincinnati, and his Masters Degree from George Washington University.  His written work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists (2002); Special Editors Award, Washington Crime News Service (1994); and Thomas Jefferson Award for Military Journalism, US Army, 1970.

PASE accomplishments include:

  • Consulted on issues related to catastrophic events involving public schools, construction fatalities, transportation emergencies, bombings and pipeline accidents.
  • Drafted first bio-terrorism grant covering emergency preparedness, surveillance, epidemiology, central laboratory operations, medical informatics and distance learning for state of Kentucky
  • Training over 1200 professionals in the US, Canada, and Great Britain to effectively manage the "second" reality in a calamity... What people think has happened... What the news media tells them has happened.