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These twenty-two (22) PDF emergency planning and response forms can be maintained on computer, sent by email, and printed out to be completed as traditional paper forms. PDF files permit instant and infinite replication of critical forms. Any system that can download the free Adobe reader can use the product. PREP-PLANNER includes:

  1. Preparedness Planning Worksheet - A guide to the initial assessment of threats and vulnerability. evacuation, shelter-in-place, relocation, and open-as-shelter options.

 2. Hazard Survey - A concise audits of processes, products, and proximity to threats.

 3. Public Relations Exposure Survey - Critical issues generated by hazards, decision, action taken, or events

 4. Risk Perception Worksheet - Establishes rationale public relations planning priorities based on psychometric assessment of risk -- e.g the fear and uncertainty provoked specific hazard

 5. Personnel Survey -- Details individuals by knowledge, skills, and abilities.

 6. Resource Survey - Description of resources and equipment available

 7. Special Need Survey - Inventory of people, resources, and facilities needed to meet medical and other special needs during emergency.

 8. Shelter/Reception Area Survey - Facilities and their characteristics including such things as feeding and sleeping space, bathing facilities, and parking, etc.

 9. Carriers - Information on cars fleets, trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft

10. Routes - Information on roads, air and rail corridors, and waterways along with detours, maintenance, debris removal, towing, and traffic control information.

11. Notification - Creates a 3-tier cascading "call-up" system with primary and alternate responders each level.

12. Alerts/ Warnings - Standard for message preparation and dissemination designed to attract greatest attention and motivate the greatest call to action.

13. Casualties - Tracks persons evacuated, displaced, sheltered, injured, missing, and killed.

14. Preliminary Damage Assessment - Facilitates "windshield" surveys of destruction to public buildings and private dwelling estimating recovery times and costs.

15. Situation Report - Reliable, standardized report presenting time and location of events, responses taken, and actions pending.
16. Issue Brief - A concise description of events, key discussion points, likely questions, and related supporting materials, others likely to be speaking on the subject.

17. New Media & Public Inquiry Report - Allows description of news coverage, rumors, and /or public inquiries for a specific date and time period.

18. News Media Request - Logs news media request and actions taken to meet those requests.

19. Rumor Control, Telephone, Email Inquiries - Permits description of rumors and general inquiries received from the public via telephone, fax, and email.

20. Print & Wire Service Analysis - Guides critical review and appraisal of print media coverage, analysis and commentary.

21. Radio & Television, Internet Analysis -- Guides critical review and appraisal of radio and television coverage, commentary as well as web log - "Blog" - communications.

22. Emergency News Release - A standardized format for preparing news and information for dissemination to the media and public.

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